We are Back! Almost!

Hi Everyone!

Last year, I took down the HomeschoolingOne.com website, because we were no longer homeschooling.  My daughter decided to attend a private school about an hour away.  Reluctantly, I took down the website, thinking that no one would be interested in our journey anymore.   After a year of private school, we have decided to return to homeschooling next year.  I still have to turn in my paperwork, but I will do that once she is done with classes at her school and before I actually start homeschooling.

Although, we liked the school, it was too far and other opportunities closer to home became available for my daughter.  My daughter will be taking some classes at a community college and I will be teaching some.  So, a big change for both of us!  This website is the journey of the last two years of high school for one mom and one daughter.  As with all journeys, the road has hills and valleys!  Come follow along as we traverse this homeschooling opportunity!

Have a wonderful day!


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