Last Day of School

I watched as my daughter walked into school, yesterday.  Yes, I even took pictures.  This has been an exciting year for her experiencing a brick and mortar school with different teachers and different rules.  I can say that the year has been one of growth for both her and for me, too!  But, as I watch her walk with her lunch bag, there is a sense of anticipation for me.  We are changing from school at the academy to homeschooling.

We homeschooled for 8 years before she decided to go to ‘school.’  During this past year, she has been able to reconnect with old friends (originally from homeschooling), be challenged with courses beyond her normal ability, and learn how to deal with a set schedule while balancing swimming, church, and other extra-curriculars.

We have decided to return to homeschooling.  Not because the fit wasn’t a good one.  But, the school was located far away from our home.  On a good day, the drive was not so bad.  On rainy days, snowy days, or when the one lane bridge was washed out, the trip would turn into a super stressful situation.  Plus, as soon as I got home, I would have to think about turning around and picking her up.  At the same time, our community college offers high school honors classes for an incredible reduce rate.  I am sure that I will write post after post about the upcoming experiences.  But for now…I watch.

Watching her walk in for the last day and  knowing that in two years, I will be watching her walk into a college somewhere.  My little girl is growing up.  As I write this, it brings tears to my eyes.

Today…is about the last day of school!

Have a wonderful day!


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