Morven Park Picnic

Morven Park Picnic!  What do you do the day after the ‘Last Day of School?’  Well according to my daughter, you go to Morven Park!  We had a lovely picnic prepared entirely by my daughter in the a beautiful tree lined park in the middle of Leesburg, Va.

As we drove into the park, it was apparent that this was no ordinary park.  The fence posts in the road allows only one car at a time as you travel down a gravel road toward the Morven Park Mansion.  As you crest the hill, your gaze takes in the immense beauty of grassy hills and patches of forest leading up to the old mansion.

We choose to park in the large parking area near the mansion and sit down at a lovely and rustic picnic table.  After eating a fabulous lunch, we proceeded to walk off our lunch with a stroll up to the mansion and the coachman’s house.

The path was an easy walk with little nuggets of surprises along the way, such as an old garden and big beautiful magnolia trees.

The mansion was closed when we were there.  (We will definitely be back for a tour!)  But, that didn’t stop us from enjoying the peaceful grounds.  We learned from that Morven Park has been the site of many equestrian events over the years.  You can understand why as you glance around the grounds.

As much as I enjoyed the Morven Park grounds, I enjoyed spending this time with my daughter!  It was a day to remember!

If you would like to visit Morven Park, click here for more information!

Have a wonderful day!

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